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Common signs indicating PCOS- What can you do to minimize them?

PCOS is an endocrine disorder which impacts one out of ten women in India today. While the disease was well-described in the 20th century itself, general lack of awareness continues to pose a threat to its presence in women of reproductive age, many of whom also happen to be in their teens. To avoid long term effects of the disorder on female health, it is necessary to understand everything about PCOS & common PCOS Signs.


1. Common Signs of PCOS

PCOS can manifest through different signs and symptoms, and it is not necessary for you to have all of them. Due to the non-uniformity in the appearance of these symptoms, it is possible that you get to know about it after months, or even years on its onset. Some of the common signs which may indicate that you require PCOS treatment in Delhi are as follows:

  • Unwanted hair growth in areas such as the chin, stomach, breasts, face and more, a condition known as ‘hirsutism’. Such abnormal hair growth can also occur at the thumbs and toes.
  • Unprecedented hair loss on hair which is characterised by thinning of hair which particularly worsens during middle age.
  • Presence of acne and oily skin which manifests through pimples. Even though you may still face these signs in the absence of PCOS, it is wise to keep an eye out for other symptoms which could indicate the absence of PCOS, it is wise to keep an eye out for common signs indicating PCOS which could indicate the presence of PCOS in the early stage.
  • The occurrence of dark patches of skin, especially under the breasts, underarms or the back side of the neck. These thick patches of dark skin may also occur around the groin area.
  • Constant changes in the menstrual cycle which may be characterised by absent or irregular periods, or in some cases, even cause heavy periods. Due to this, the bleeding rate may be abnormal too.
  • Cases of infertility which may prevent you from getting pregnant even when you have been trying for more than a year. This usually happens due to missing periods, which can pose a problem when you are trying to get pregnant.
  • Gaining excess weight or obesity can be hard to shed off. The condition can make women gain a lot of weight, which may further put you under a vicious cycle of symptoms making the condition even worse.
  • Facing problems falling asleep or feeling tired even after you have slept for a reasonable duration of time. This condition may also indicate the presence of other disorders, so it is important to note how this sign manifests in addition to other common signs indicating PCOS.


2. Health Complications Related to PCOS

PCOS brings with it several other complications which can make matters worse for your health. Some of them are as follows:

  • Endometrial Cancer: Irregular and few periods can increase the risk of developing endometrial cancer since the lining on the endometrium is exposed to higher levels of oestrogen, increasing the chances of cancer cells to grow.
  • Heart problems: Chances of high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases increases due to high levels of insulin which further paves the way for more heart troubles.
  • Diabetes: Due to insulin resistance, the body fails to utilise glucose properly, which can result in increased blood glucose levels and eventually lead to diabetes.

It is necessary to seek consultation from the best endocrinologist in Delhi to overcome these risk factors and lead a healthy lifestyle.


Best PCOS Treatment Delhi
PCOS Signs

3. Self-Care Tips to Minimize PCOS Symptoms

Being diagnosed with PCOS does not mean that you have to live a life with it. There are some of the best PCOS treatments in Delhi, which can help you overcome the signs and symptoms. In the meantime, you can undertake several everyday self-care habits to help your body attain an ideal condition.

  • You can start by having a balanced meal every day, which consists of optimum fibres, fats and proteins. Instead of adding high calorie and sugar foods, seek respite in nuts which can keep you feeling full for longer durations.
  • Improving your sleep pattern can be highly productive in managing PCOS and its common signs, which is what even the doctor will recommend to you.
  • Include moderate exercises in your routine, depending on what suits you best. You can opt for yoga, pilates, HIIT or strength training as well. 

At Dr Hemi Soneja, you can obtain the best consultation and PCOS treatment in Delhi, with complete guidance on how you can manage the condition.


Take Away

PCOS is a lifestyle disorder which may occur due to factors which may be largely beyond your control. However, once diagnosed with it, you can take proactive actions to make the situations steadier. With the right advice and consultation from leading doctors, you may even be able to alleviate its symptoms altogether.

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