Diabetes Reversal

Diabetes is a disease of complications. It affects an individual from head to toe. It is not the blood sugar in itself that is a cause of problems but the effect it has on other parts of the body over time, which causes problems. Diabetes Specialist Doctors say Uncontrolled diabetes can affect the eyes causing Diabetic retinopathy, early heart attack, stroke at a young age, kidney failure, nerve damage, foot complications, etc. It is therefore very important to keep it in check over the long term. Consequently, we are now looking even more seriously at the science of diabetes reversal and not just Diabetes management.

Can I reverse my Diabetes?

We have been thinking and being told that diabetes is a "forever disease" for a long time. When somebody is diagnosed with that, the individual picture a lifetime of gradually increasing medications for diabetes and, at times, Insulin. And, of course, other complications associated with diabetes. Contrary to the medical community and patients' popular belief, this is not quite true for everyone.

Endocrinologists/Diabetologists in Delhi say there is increasing medical evidence and clinical experience showing that one can reverse diabetes, which means that if addressed properly by both the patient and doctor, the need for Diabetes medications and Insulin can go down with lifestyle measures. It does require following advice regarding diet and exercise in a supervised manner to gain the most out of lifestyle interventions. Weight loss has been shown to help people achieve better control of their Type 2 Diabetes and reduce medications and insulins over some time.

There are different types of diets which have been studied, and each one of them has their pros and cons – diet modifications are not the same for everyone. They are individualized as per the individual requirements, just like medications are not the same for everyone for any condition. Depending on BMI, weight management can be through diet and exercise alone OR a combination of diet, training, medications, diet, exercise, and Bariatric surgery.

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