Body Composition Analysis

Our body is made up of fat, muscle, bone mass, and water. How fit we are, is not determined by just our body weight. It is determined by our body composition, i.e., the body's muscle mass and fat percentage. Two individuals can have very different muscle and fat mass compositions for the same height and weight.

At times, in “underweight” individuals as well, we see issues with low muscle mass and high-fat percentage, which contributes to metabolic problems in the long term. It can be an eye-opener for a lot of people. The excess fat is also a source of extra androgenic or male pattern hormones, which leads to hormonal disturbances in women.

Assessment of body composition as a baseline and then further follow-up can give us an accurate assessment of how you are responding to the changes you are trying to make regarding diet and exercise. There are several different ways of evaluating this. Bio-electrical impedance analysis is one of the easy, quick, non-invasive, and accurate ways of estimation. At our centre, we use the In Body 260 body composition analyser, an internationally recognised brand of body composition analyser with good sensitivity.

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