Terms and Condition

Our website suggests certain terms and conditions which portray your rights and responsibilities while browsing through our website or looking for our services. The terms and conditions mentioned on our website is an agreement between our customers and us to ensure a smooth relationship.

  1. The information provided on the website is solely meant for customer service and any person using the website or availing services from the website is termed to be a user.
  2. With our consistent efforts, our team will ensure to keep all the information updated on the website. We will try and make the best possible way to achieve and provide our customers with accurate, and satisfactory information as a response to any query.
  3. The content published on the website is not considered to be, nor is it a replacement for any professional medical recommendation/advise, diagnosis or hands-on treatment.
  4. Upon registering on the website the user shall provide all the necessary details which are complete pertaining to the ailment they are suffering from. The diabetes specialist doctor you are consulting shall be entitled to believe that all the information provided by you is true and correct.
  5. Upon registering on the website you are clung to accept calls and recorded calls, emails and messages. The messages received are only for the promotion and feedback from the website. All the messages will be shared on the mobile number and email provided by you during the registration
  6. Upon registering you are also adhered to comply with the rules and regulations of the website.
  7. The registered user shall not under any circumstances use the website for any derogatory comments. Also, should not post any messages which are considered as defamatory, abusive, threatening or harmful. Neither the user shall violate any law as it may lead to legal consequences.
  8. Privacy of all the information provided by the user shall be maintained with the utmost confidentiality with our well-regulated security system.
  9. Our online services will be available 24 x 7 to support and satisfy the requirements of our clients.
  10. All the content mentioned on the website, its features and functionality are well protected by copyright laws, and other intellectual property or proprietary rights laws.
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