Swallowable gastric balloon for weight loss

Whoever has tried working on weight loss would understand how difficult it is to lose weight. It is easier for some people and not so for certain other individuals depending on their body type and other medical issues they might have. Diet and exercise alone might not be enough to bring their weight down significantly. People in the “obese” category might be able to get that push that their body needs at times to help with weight loss. This is where comes in the role of the gastric balloon.

As the name suggests, it is a “balloon” which is placed in the stomach for around 16 weeks, and it helps with weight loss. Till a few years ago, gastric balloons, which were available, had to be placed endoscopically, which means that you had to undergo general anesthesia to be able to get it inserted and for removal as well. But now, we have new innovations, and “swallowable” gastric balloons are available. These are to be swallowed by the patient with a little help from the physician, do not need any sedation, and are done as an outpatient procedure in a quick 15 minutes office visit. The balloon stays in the body for around 16 weeks, and at the end of that duration, it is excreted out on its own. It can help give your body the push that it needs to help with making the lifestyle modifications that you need to make. It can help you lose significant excess weight and help with improvement in weight-related metabolic problems. At our centre, we use the Allurion Gastric Balloon.

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