Osteoporosis Diabetologists in Delhi says osteoporosis refers to thinning or weakening of the bones, typically with age. However, in some people, it could happen at a young age due to other medical problems and certain medications.


Osteoporosis can cause fractures with minor trauma, with certain areas being particularly at higher risk, like the wrist, hip, and spine. Fracture in the hip and spine can cause significant problems, especially in the elderly. Timely diagnosis with bone density check and timely treatment can help avoid complications in the long run. The best way to manage it is to prevent it. Therefore, we recommend early screening for this and preventive steps, including optimum calcium and Vitamin D intake and weight bearing exercises to help maintain bone and muscle strength.


According to Diabetes Specialist Doctors in Delhi, Doctors can treat osteoporosis with certain medications called Bisphosphonates, which help improve bone density. These can be in the form of tablets or injections. There is another type of drug - Teriparatide, which is available in the form of injections that can be used as well. Treatment of osteoporosis can help relieve bone pain associated with it.

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