Common Myths about Insulin

Common Myths about Insulin

Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases that require attention and adequate management. The condition is associated with high levels of glucose in the blood. If you are suffering from type 1, 2, or any other type of diabetes, then there are few effective ways to manage it such as a healthy diet, oral medications, insulin, etc.

Adjusting to life with a diabetic condition can be challenging and with the help of insulin, one can manage a normal level of glucose in the body. However, there are a few misleading myths related to insulin, most of which are associated with unwanted side effects of the regimen. In this article, we are scattering some light on some of the most common myths about insulin.

1. Myth: Insulin Injections are painful

When people hear insulin, they immediately start picturing sharp pointed needles. Thus, most of them start thinking of it as a painful and scary treatment. The truth is that very fine needles are used for administering the insulin, which is mildly painful. Patients often share the whole experience being as painful as finger prick. With recent innovations such as ‘insulin pens to inject insulin’, the procedure has become simpler, accurate, and nearly painless. There are many such insulin regimens that are more convenient than ever. So, ask your endocrinologist about the most suitable insulin regime for you. [1]

2. Myth: It causes weight gain

Insulin works by processing your food more efficiently and if your diet is not carefully managed, you can gain some weight. The body starts processing blood glucose more effectively, and as a result, a person starts gaining weight. One can counter the increased appetite by eating healthy and nutritious food and avoid gaining any extra weight.

Moreover, most people think once they start taking insulin, they do not need to worry about their diet or exercise regime. If you are worried about the weight gain issue, you can discuss your concerns with the best diabetes specialist doctor in Delhi.

Common Myths about Insulin

3. Myth: Insulin can become an addiction

Insulin acts as a natural substance for regulating blood sugar levels in our body. Insulin is naturally produced in our bodies. In diabetic conditions, our body fails to produce sufficient insulin, therefore it is administered externally. This insulin will make up for our body’s requirement for lowering blood glucose levels, but sometimes it can lead to hypoglycemia. That is why it is always recommended to consult your doctor first. This insulin will make up for our body’s requirement for lowering blood glucose levels. People who start taking insulin are able to manage their condition more effectively. Thus, one can never get addicted to insulin. [2] [3]

4. Myth: It is Expensive

Insulin is cheaper than several other forms of treatment such as oral medications. The price of insulin differs with different brand names. You must check the most affordable brands available in the market and ask your doctor if it is suitable for you.

5. Myth: Insulin causes complications or death

However, insulin is a proven medicine for delaying or preventing most of the complications related to diabetes. The increased levels of blood sugar in the body can damage vital organs such as the heart, kidney, etc. This increases the risk of heart attack or stroke. Insulin therapy is a proven safe treatment. The early diagnosis and management with insulin is the best way to balance your blood glucose levels. [2]

6. Myth: I am taking Insulin, so I don’t have to worry

During the initial diagnosis stage of diabetes, your diabetologist in delhi may suggest some lifestyle alterations and oral medications. If your insulin levels are still not manageable, insulin is recommended to manage blood sugar levels. It is important to remember that all these things work in harmony. Thus, one needs to follow a regular diet pattern, exercise to keep the blood sugar levels down along with insulin injections. [3]

Take Away

Diabetes requires dedicated care and it can be managed well under the guidance of an expert. If your doctor has recommended insulin as the best suitable treatment option for you, then discuss your concerns and fears about the treatment. Ask your doctor what do you need to know before starting insulin treatment; what problems, side effects you may face; what are the positive effects of insulin, and make an informed decision. [4]

If you are experiencing symptoms of diabetes, consult a specialist to reduce the risk of serious complications. At Hemi Soneja Clinic, you will get the expert guidance and recommendations according to your condition. Dr. Hemi Soneja is a Senior Consultant in Diabetes & Obesity Medicine with over 16 years of clinical experience. She will help you manage your diabetes better and live a healthier life. [5]

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