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Dr. Hemi Soneja
Senior Consultant in Diabetes
Diplomate American Board of Family Medicine
Diplomate American Board of Obesity Medicine
PG Diploma Diabetes & Endocrinology (UK)

At Dr Hemi’s Diabetes, Obesity & Thyroid Clinic

Spandan Super Specialty Clinic

Cloudnine Hospital - Kailash Colony

Max Hospital

18+ years of experience

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Director - Dr Hemi’s Diabetes Obesity & Thyroid Clinic

Senior Consultant Diabetes & Obesity Medicine
Spandan Super Specialty Clinic

Diplomate American Board of Family Medicine
Diplomate American Board of Obesity Medicine
PG Diploma Diabetes & Endocrinology (UK)

Dr. Hemi Soneja is a Senior Consultant in Diabetes & Obesity Medicine with over 16 years of clinical experience in the field of Medicine. She is one of the Diabetes Specialist & Obesity Doctor in Delhi. She is also a Faculty at University of South Wales, UK in Diabetes & Obesity Medicine. She is one of the very few American Board of Obesity Medicine trained doctors in India.

She has worked as a Consultant Physician and Obesity Medicine specialist at University Hospitals, Cleveland, USA. She completed her Family Medicine training from Guthrie Clinic, Pennsylvania, USA after which she trained in Obesity Medicine and certified with American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM). She is also a Diabetes specialist doctor in Delhi, having trained in Diabetes management from USA and obtained Diploma in Diabetes & Endocrinology from Glamorgan University, UK. She has several research papers and presentations in National and International Journals and societies.

Clinical Expertise/Interests:
Dr. Hemi Soneja has global experience in managing lifestyle related conditions like Diabetes and Obesity treatment in delhi and other hormonal disorders including Osteoporosis, Thyroid and Parathyroid disorders, Hyperprolactinemia, and PCOS treatment in delhi etc. Her special interests are Obesity and complicated Diabetes including insulin pumps. She also sees patients before and after Bariatric or Metabolic Surgery for optimization of therapy and continued weight loss thereafter. She believes in providing comprehensive care for her patients seeking weight management and management of associated conditions like diabetes, high BP, cholesterol, and thyroid treatment in delhi and Gurgaon etc. Read Less

Diabetes Self-Management !!!
"Managing Diabetes Doesn't Mean Avoid Foods You Enjoy"

Diabetes self-management is a term that's been around for quite a while. This term is not new, and it was coined in the 1960s. It describes the individual's involvement in the treatment procedure. For anyone, self-management is a bit hard to define. There is ambiguity in diabetes self-management support and diabetes self-management education. Both the terms are almost the same one provides support while assisting the individual with knowledge and skills for diabetes self-care. A diabetes specialist doctor or obesity specialist doctor in delhi helps in giving the proper knowledge.Get the best diabetes treatment under Dr Hemi’s guidance.

The program's overall intent is to help the individual make an informed decision for diabetes treatment in Delhi, ignore myths about diabetes and active collaboration with other diabetes members. It allows the individual to have a nutritional status and improve the quality of life. One can achieve this by reading diabetes-related blogs, articles, and study papers. You can also attend a diabetes support group and be a part of a diabetes care program or consult a diabetes specialist doctor in Delhi.


Self-care, a diabetes patient, should take

A patient can control by engaging in a healthy lifestyle. Self-care is the first step ahead in managing diabetes. Here are some of the self-care habits a patient should add to the daily routine.

Healthy Eating

Food, including fiber and protein, is good for health. Avoid eating food with carbohydrates and sugar, as this can raise your blood sugar. Eat a fresh and well-balanced diet. Don't overeat at one divide the portions in equal intervals.

Check blood sugar regularly.

Regular check-up of blood sugar at home will help you diagnose how well your diet and exercise are working. Some devices can help you check your blood sugar at home which will help you monitor high or low blood sugar levels.


Beans provide a combination of protein and fiber. It helps in controlling blood sugar. According to All Naturals, diabetes Cookbook, "replacing meat with beans can play a helpful role in heart health." You can have Kidney beans soup, a sandwich with kidney beans and spices filling, or salad with some dressing.


Nuts are a rich source of micronutrients. Almonds are a great source of magnesium that improves insulin sensitivity.


Regular exercise in people with diabetes helps in lowering blood sugar. Try walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, or any physical activity. It helps in reducing blood pressure and improving blood flow.

Foods that you can enjoy if you have diabetes

Who said that a diabetes patient couldn't enjoy delicious food? Diabetes doesn't mean your food would get boring and unpleasant. Healthy can be tasty too. Here are some foods that a diabetic patient can enjoy. Consult a diabetes & obesity specialist doctor in Delhi to have a proper diet chart for diabetes.


Leafy vegetables are an essential part of a balanced diet for diabetes patients. Spinach contains lutein, which is necessary for eye health. Diabetes patients are at higher risk of blindness.

Extra virgin olive oil

It's time to upgrade your cooking oil. According to the Journal of Lipid Research study, olive oil reduces lipogenesis and fat formation.

Standards That Your Diabetes Specialist Doctor Should Follow

High-blood sugar, medically known as diabetes, is a chronic ailment that requires ongoing medical care and self-management of the patient to restrict severe complications of diabetes. Thus, diabetes care, in most cases, can be complex and necessitates other issues, which are not limited to glycemic control, to be addressed. In this aspect, the diabetologist/endocrinologist in Delhi will need to take a considerable amount of responsibility to help the diabetic individual through a proper standard of care and suggestions.

  • Teach the Patient about the Classification of Diabetes

    As per the recent medical foundation, diabetes can be classified into four different sections.
    • Type 1 Diabetes: It usually occurs due to the destruction of β-cell, which, in turn, leads to insulin deficiency.
    • Type 2 Diabetes: It results from a progressive secretory defect of insulin, which is known for reducing the body's insulin resistance.
    • Genetic Diabetes: It can be caused by various congenital disabilities that can affect the functionality of β-cell, insulin, and pancreas.
    • GDM: Also known as gestational diabetes mellitus, this issue is usually diagnosed during pregnancy.
    Once the doctor learns the type of diabetes affecting his/her patient, he/she should tell them about the same in a proper manner and suggest you the best diabetes treatment in delhi. The talk might include – more information about the disease, the reason behind its occurrence, its symptoms, treatment procedure, the overall prognosis, and self-management care.
  • Over-usage of Medication

    To manage his/her diabetes, an individual has to take some specific medications throughout their lifetime. Also, the drugs need to be taken during a particular period. Otherwise, it might not make any practical difference at all. However, while taking the medication, the patient should be careful about its over-dosage as well.
    In this respect, the Diabetes specialist doctor needs to be more efficient and proactive. While prescribing the medication, he/she should inform his/her patient about the drug, its functionality, and the number of times he/she needs to take it. Also, the physician will need to make the patient understand the risk of a drug overdose.
    Nevertheless, if the patient still intentionally does the same, the physician cannot dismiss him/her.
    Dr. Hemi Soneja says the mainstay of therapy for Type 2 Diabetes is diet and exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. In addition to this, diabetes treatment in Delhi includes oral medications and injections, which include both insulin and non-insulin injectable medications. Depending on your body type and also how you respond to lifestyle modifications etc.
    Best Diabetes specialists in Delhi say you might or might not need medications lifelong. It is where it becomes essential to understand the concept of diabetes reversal. It means that if we are particular about our lifestyle over some time, the medications for diabetes can decrease over time, and you can improve your health with these diabetes treatments and healthy modifications in your life.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Diabetes is a serious problem when there is too much sugar production in the blood as compared to normal blood sugar levels. It can be type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, pre diabetes & gestational diabetes.

Yes, according to Dr Hemi Soneja lifestyle changes help a lot with diabetes but she recommends to seek a proper check up by a diabetes specialist to know the exact density of the issue.

According to the best Diabetologists/Endocrinologists in Delhi diabetes management is dependent on a combination of different things and you will get to understand a lot more on this website. It has to be a combination of healthy lifestyle - including healthy diet, exercise and overall mental health; in addition to this, if needed medications with or without insulin.

Dr Hemi Soneja says the mainstay of therapy for Type 2 Diabetes is diet and exercise along with healthy lifestyle. In addition to this, oral medications and injections which include both insulin and non-insulin injectable medications. Depending on your body type and also how you respond to lifestyle modifications etc. Best Diabetes Specialists in Delhi say you might or might not need medications lifelong. This is where it becomes important to understand the concept of Diabetes reversal. This means that over a period of time if we are being particular about our lifestyle, the medications for Diabetes can actually decrease over a period of time and you can improve your health with these diabetes treatments and healthy modifications in your life.

You should see your doctor as prescribed by your diabetes specialist and also the kind of problems you are facing with diabetes.

According to diabetes doctors in delhi your risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes depends on various factors including family history, your personal history including lifestyle, weight, other medications and medical problems including thyroid problems, chronic steroid use, hypertension, etc. But don’t Dr Hemi will guide you & also help you in managing diabetes while on steroids in order to avoid any consequences.

An endocrinologist is a specialist, trained and experienced in treating people with hormonal disorders. They specialise in the working, development, and growth of various endocrine glands that secrete different endocrine hormones, including insulin, that leads to diabetes when less secreted by the pancreas.

Diabetologists are specially trained endocrinologists specialised in treating diabetes mellitus- a condition caused due to low insulin production in the body.

The web is one platform where you can access your nearest diabetes specialist near you, no matter which city in which you live. But, if you are in Delhi or Gurgaon, visit Dr. Hemi Soneja’s diabetic and obesity treatment clinic in Delhi, Gurgaon for the proper treatment of your diabetes and overall health condition. She is the best diabetologist in Delhi and Gurgaon, who treats patients with a holistic approach and provides comprehensive care to manage other lifestyle-related issues.

If you are looking for a diabetes specialist doctor in Delhi or a diabetic expert, get connected with Dr. Hemi Soneja. She is a specialist in diabetes and obesity medicine. She can ensure the right diabetes treatment in Delhi by helping manage diabetes, lifestyle disorders, and other hormonal conditions, including osteoporosis, thyroid, parathyroid disorders, hyperprolactinemia, and PCOS.

Endocrinologists help detect, treat, prevent and manage disorders of the endocrine glands - adrenals, pancreas, pituitary, parathyroid, thyroid, ovaries, and testis - and their associated hormones. Diabetologists are endocrinologists who specialise and focus on treating conditions caused by insulin secretion. They typically treat patients with diabetes mellitus or complications associated with diabetes, including Type I diabetes and gestational diabetes.

Diabetic experts specialise in diagnosing, preventing, treating, and managing diabetic conditions. Diabetic experts are otherwise referred to as diabetologists- endocrinologists' expertise in diabetes treatment.

Type 1 diabetes is a chronic condition in which the pancreas produces very little or no insulin. It typically appears in adolescence. Symptoms include increased thirst, frequent urination, hunger, fatigue, and blurred vision. Treatment or management of such conditions by the best diabetologist in Delhi or elsewhere includes maintaining normal blood glucose levels, regular blood glucose checks, insulin therapy, a healthy diet, and regular exercise.

Type 2 diabetes is a condition that affects how the body processes blood glucose. Here, either the body does not produce enough insulin, or the cells resist insulin leading to insulin intolerance. Symptoms include increased thirst, frequent urination, hunger, fatigue, and blurred vision. In some cases, these symptoms may not occur. However, treatment includes proper diet, exercise, medication, and insulin therapy. It is also important to regularly monitor blood glucose levels and maintain normal blood glucose in the body.

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Why choose Dr. Hemi?

Diabetes is one of the leading health problems in the Capital city. Around 45% of the population is affected by diabetes and other related health issues. In diabetes, the pancreatic gland is affected severely. The pancreatic gland is part of the endocrine system, which is an endocrinologist. Often an endocrinologist doctor is the one who is a diabetes specialist. People who are affected with Type 1 diabetes usually visit a diabetes specialist doctor in Delhi. The capital city houses several clinics that cater to diabetes treatment in Delhi. One of them is Dr. Hemi Soneja’s clinic. She is a senior diabetes specialist and one of the best endocrinologists in Delhi.

Dr. Hemi is a specialist in Diabetes and obesity medicine in the capital city of Delhi having more than twenty years of experience. Her years of experience and excellence have made her one of the best diabetes specialist doctors in Delhi. She has completed her Diabetes Management training from the USA and garnered a Diploma in Endocrinology from the UK. She has even contributed to several research papers and presentations in International Journals. Being trained under the American Board of Medicine Obesity makes her one of the few of her kind in Delhi. Her expertise and years of experience make her one of the most popular diabetes specialist doctors in Delhi.

Although diabetes is a disease of the pancreatic gland, its dysfunction is driven by the lifestyle of people. Dr. Hemi is skilled to treat lifestyle-driven health issues like diabetes. She is also a type 2 diabetes specialist practising in Delhi. Her diabetes treatment in Delhi is very renowned for her skills and years of experience. With her foreign degrees and training, she can easily treat complicated cases of diabetes. Diabetes is a medical condition, which if not treated on time, can lead to fatal complications. Dr. Hemi will provide you with the best guidance for reversing your diabetes. She is one of the very few diabetes specialists who vouch to give comprehensive care and personal attention to her patients.

Diabetes is one of the serious medical conditions that affects almost half of the population. And to top it all, the condition deteriorates with time. People should know when to see a doctor for diabetes. Although an endocrinologist can treat diabetes, a diabetes specialist is called a diabetologist. A diabetologist is a person who specializes in diabetes. Dr. Hemi Soneja has been in the field for more than two decades now and is one of the best diabetes specialists in Delhi. If you are constantly experiencing the symptoms of diabetes, it is time for you to see a diabetes specialist. Consult Dr. Hemi for all your diabetes-related issues. Book an appointment now!

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