Change Your Environment

Change Your Environment

Environmental factors have a significant impact on our health including our weight. By “environment”, I don’t mean just the “air” or “water” or “soil” but the environment that “we create” around ourselves! Starting off from what we stock in our kitchen, how we stock it, what is the placement of the TV in the house, the lighting and decor in our bedroom, where and how we do our grocery shopping, what kind of people we hang out with, how we organise our workplace and also how we “prioritise” things?

When we are working on improving our “health” (and please note I don’t just keep talking about the “weight”), we talk about making a lot of “changes”. Now any kind of “change”, however trivial it might be, is not always easy to make or adjust to! For example – even a simple thing like changing the position of a pen stand on your desk can take a while for you to get used to! When we are working on making these “changes”, working on “changing” the “environment” around us can make it easier for us to implement that change in our lifestyle.

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Here are Some Simple Swaps:

  • Get rid of processed and packaged snacks from your kitchen/pantry/workstation.
  • Move the TV out of your bedroom.
  • Keep some good books next to your bed so that you reach out for those at night instead of being on your phone/tabs.
  • Fill your balcony with fresh herbs and leafy veggies – when you see them growing right in front of you, you are surely gonna start loving them!
  • Keep a basket of fruits on your dining table or maybe on your coffee table.
  • Bring some pots of indoor plants into the living area. You want to get closer to nature and appreciate that.
  • And I can’t emphasise this one point enough – “Be grateful!” We are all blessed! More than what we think we are!!

So however “hard” change might seem, there are surely ways of making it easier for ourselves. It all begins with the right mindset! 👍👍

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